Posted in August 2015

A Mother’s Love

  My heart began to break as I read Rosie’s pleas for help when her adopted daughter went missing. I could feel her anguish and pain seer through every cell of my being. My knowledge of Rosie is not an intimate one; I’ve enjoyed her wit and repartee when I’ve had the occasional opportunity to … Continue reading

Say It Ain’t So….

I’ve never been the athletic type. Sports were something other people did, although I have to admit, in my head I was a super athlete. My mental imagery included runs down the intermediate slopes in Vail, Colorado, lobbing those tennis balls at record speeds across the net in Flushing Meadows, rock climbing in Montana, and … Continue reading


I’ve heard the term grace throughout my life although the definition seemed like a slippery eel, present for a brief moment than unceremoniously disappearing within the recesses of my mind. I’ve always known that grace had something to do with God’s blessings but whether or not grace was something I could strive for or needed … Continue reading

What a Difference a Day Makes

Almost a year ago to the day I was writhing around in pain, rocking on all fours, and praying for death. At that moment, death seemed like the only conceivable exit from the intractable pain I was embroiled in. Just to give you an idea of how intense the pain was; giving birth while on … Continue reading


Italy is not for the faint of heart or slight of foot. Being of a certain age, I could not help but notice the potential pitfalls as we explored the wonders of Rome. Roma, as it is commonly known, is awe inspiring. During the sweltering near record perspiration dripping July heat, the throngs of tourists intermingling with … Continue reading