#75HardChallenge You Bet It Is!!

“Age is just a number,” is a concept I’ve always seemed to embrace although sometimes I have to admit, in retrospect, my escapades can be viewed as a little crazy! Usually my catalysts when participating in my “extreme” undertakings are my daughter and/or niece who are both adept in convincing me that I am up to the challenge.

In my 50s and 60s I’ve rappelled off of the side of a mountain in Cancun, zip lined over trees in a jungle, snorkeled in the Sea of Cortez while large brown sea lions brushed up against my skin, ran a 5K obstacle course Mud Run, and finished a 25 mile bike ride through the Bronx only to realize that we had to ride an additional 5 miles back to our car! It seems like I’ve done it all!!

Now as I approach the next decade of life, I find myself following Andy Frisella’s #75Hard Challenge. Andy Frisella and his #75Hard Challenge is the latest rage of the internet especially as the new year rolls in. The rules are pretty straightforward. As a life long dieter, the first rule, stay on a diet of your choice is a no brainer, I can definitely do that. No alcohol? Easy breezy. No cheat meals? A piece of cake….. no pun intended. Exercise? I’ve got this!

Living in Florida, I have a huge advantage over people living in cold, snowy, freezing climates because one very important rule of the challenge is that one of the two 45 minute exercise sessions must be done outdoors with no exceptions. Rain, snow, sleet, frigid temperatures or blazing heat can not be used as a deterrent. As with your choice of diet, the type of exercise you choose can run the gamut: the only requirement is that each session must last for a minimum of 45 minutes. Both exercise sessions must be intentional so trying to meet the requirement by doing 90 minutes of consecutive exercise is a No-No.

Must read 10 pages of a non fiction book a day……. a self development book is an added plus.

Oh and don’t forget to take a daily progress picture!

The most difficult part of the challenge, in my opinion, pertains to WATER: You must drink A GALLON of water each and every day. A gallon, not a pint, not 3 cups, not a quart…. A GALLON…. 128 ounces of tasteless, clear liquid and by the way the water in tea, coffee, and/or soft drinks do not count! Now, I’ve never been a lover of water but suffice to say I normally drink about 2 to 3 16.9 bottles of water a day. Having to drink one gallon is another story. Every day chugging down that amount of water has proven to be the most difficult aspect of the challenge. For me, this is the crux of the entire mental challenge. Any deviation or misstep with any of the rules means you have to start the challenge all over again. To paint a more vivid picture of what this means is simply this…. If you forget to take your daily progress picture, for example, and you’re on day 73 of the 75 day Challenge, you have to start the challenge all over again and go back to Day 1. Because there isn’t a #75Hard Challenge police force, personal integrity, grit, determination and honor are key.

Finally, there is NO DAY OFF. For 75 consecutive days all of the requirements of the Challenge are in full force.

I am amazed by how many “Challengers” remain true to the letter of the challenge and themselves. In the FB group I’ve witnessed challengers who’ve skipped a step and then “owned it” by starting the challenge all over again regardless of how close they were to the finish line. A quote attributed to Vince Lombardi sums it up perfectly: “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

This is day 17 for me and I have 58 days to go before I officially complete this challenge. I know I can and will accomplish my goal by taking one step at a time.

If the #75Hard Challenge is something you’d like to do please feel free to join in. Your day 1 can be any day of your choosing.

Please let me know in the comment section below if you are game to begin the #75Hard challenge. There are a myriad of YouTube videos, FB support groups, and Andy Frisella’s podcasts which will provide you with support, encouragement and a new tribe of kindred spirits.

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