Posted in February 2016

The Party

Can you imagine planning a significant life’s event, perhaps a wedding, a retirement party or maybe a milestone birthday party? You are so excited by this momentous occasion so what better way to celebrate than to surround yourself with your loving family and friends. You go all out. The perfect place, the scrumptious food, that … Continue reading

In Honor of National Heart Month

The heart is symbolic of love, romance, and Valentine’s Day. Our beating heart is responsible for our very existence, sustenance and vitality. It is sobering to realize that a baby’s heart starts beating 18 days from conception or about 3 to 4 weeks. On ultrasound, a baby’s heart is audible at approximately 8 weeks. Just … Continue reading

The Problem with Facebook

Facebook in particular and social media in general, if you are not careful, can become as addictive as any other habit. It starts off with a mild curiosity which over time morphs into an undeniable thirst for more stuff. By stuff I mean all sorts of information, imaginable and unimaginable, ranging from reconnecting with old friends, getting embroiled … Continue reading