The Problem with Facebook


Facebook in particular and social media in general, if you are not careful, can become as addictive as any other habit. It starts off with a mild curiosity which over time morphs into an undeniable thirst for more stuff. By stuff I mean all sorts of information, imaginable and unimaginable, ranging from reconnecting with old friends, getting embroiled in political arguments and discussions, dissecting fashion trends, exploring spirituality, God, or lamenting the loss of loved ones, whether here or beyond.

As a late bloomer to all things social media wise, I find myself sneaking sideways glances at my Facebook page during downtime standing in line at the bank, waiting to be seated at a restaurant, or sitting in my car until that coveted parking space opens up. How obnoxious, I used to think, when I would observe people with their eyes riveted on that small screen. Get a life! I would smirk. “What could be so important?” Now, I find myself in a similar state of mind.

I’ve reconnected with people from my earliest childhood days, and that has been absolutely fantastic. On one hand, the decades in between have flown by, and yet there are so many fill in the blank questions. How has life treated you? Are you happy? What happened to you after 6th grade? How did you spend the past 40 years? Do you have children? Grandchildren? Have you retired? If not, when do you plan to retire? Where do you live? And more importantly, has life been kind to you?

It’s as if Facebook leads you to a room filled with prizes, gifts and unopened treasures but it’s up to you to figure out how to unlock the door. I’ve often wondered how many reunions are the results of FB? How many friendships have been rekindled? It would be interesting to know. I’m just grateful that relationships that I’ve cherished in my past are now a part of my present. It’s  wonderful to realize that the possibilities and excitement of things to come are endless. The only impediments to our curiosity and wonder are of our own making .

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