Posted in April 2015

Day 18: Ms. Pauley and Me

Ms. Pauley was about 100 years old. I imagined how beautiful she must have been when she was a girl ‘cause for an old person she had the kindest face and her brown eyes crinkled when she talked. If she ever needed any help, carrying her groceries or needing something from the store, I would … Continue reading

Day 17: The Night Crawler

Fear rears its ugly head in forms that are often unrecognizable by those who give it permission to rent space in their heads. Fear can manifest itself by the refusal to attend a party, apply for a job, or take that entrance exam for the graduate program you’ve always wanted to attend. Fear can manifest itself … Continue reading

Day 16: It’s All About Me

Now that I taped the last hope in a series of hopes onto my 11x 14 vision board, I am amazed and, quite frankly, in awe of my truly ambitious undertaking. As my eyes slowly scan the kaleidoscope of images that represent my future aspirations, fear starts to envelope my very being, first as a … Continue reading

Day 15: We Did It!

For the past three years I was the Educational Chair for a trade organization. This was an assignment I never really wanted but felt obligated to take. Most of the board members were either my direct customers or were customers of my colleagues so as a result I was in a precarious position. Being a … Continue reading

Day 14: Dear Sugar,

Dear Sugar: I’ve been detoxing from you since 1982. You have everyone fooled but I see through you. You are an insidious poison not unlike marijuana or other drugs that have people hoodwinked. Mainstream Americans, politicians, and yes celebrities trick us into believing that fad diets, sugar in the form of carbohydrates and pot are … Continue reading

Day 13: Finding My Way

My vision board began to take root. Every January or by the very latest mid February, I go through the exercise of writing down my goals for the coming year. In creating my blueprint for the next 12 months, I look back on last year’s goals as my barometer. I am absolutely amazed by how … Continue reading

Day 12: You Talking to Me??

Volunteering to help the board of the Golf Association was nothing new. Giving back was something I believe in although who has the time? Being part of an all-volunteer women’s golf club for the past 5 years has its rewards but now the proverbial noose was tightening. Last year, because I wanted to be politically … Continue reading

Day 11: It Was The Best Of Times

For me growing up in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn resembled the famous quote from Charles Dickens’, A Tale of Two Cities, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times………..” From the moment I took my first breath in Brooklyn Jewish Hospital, I was thrust into a world largely influenced by an ethnic … Continue reading

Day 10: APT 2F

Apt 2F was home. Running up the all metal staircase with steps resembling raised metal buttons was usually the route we took to our apartment. The clanging sound of our footsteps as our shoes hit the metal treads plays in my mind like an old 45 RPM record. The wait for the small 4 x … Continue reading

Day 9: The Park

As the trees shed the last vestiges of fall the leaves crumbled underneath their feet as they made their way into Central Park. Arms interlocking they strolled beneath the near naked canopy in search of an empty bench to sit on. The warm fall breeze belied the calendar as November continued to march to its … Continue reading