Day 14: Dear Sugar,

Dear Sugar:

I’ve been detoxing from you since 1982. You have everyone fooled but I see through you. You are an insidious poison not unlike marijuana or other drugs that have people hoodwinked. Mainstream Americans, politicians, and yes celebrities trick us into believing that fad diets, sugar in the form of carbohydrates and pot are harmless. Well you don’t have me fooled! I know that these things have deleterious effects on our health especially when consumed in the quantities that many people in America do.

I can’t tackle everything in one letter so I am focusing on you, Sugar, because you are everywhere. Our bodies can’t distinguish you from a carbohydrate as both of you wind up in the same place doing the same rotten things.

People were outraged when Mayor Blumberg tried to banish you in the form of 16 ounce sugary drinks. He was trampling on our civil liberties they screamed. I probably screamed as loud as anyone because I too feared government’s intrusion on our human rights. What’s next I thought? Today soda, tomorrow M & Ms! I still believe government should stay out of “grown folks” business but grown folks have to understand that you are not their friend. Everything in moderation should be our mantra.

Sugar, we can’t do without you completely but I’m warning you, stay in your lane or I’ll cut you out of my life forever!

You’ve been warned.

4 thoughts on “Day 14: Dear Sugar,

  1. Fantastic. I gave up sugar for Lent and was honestly shocked by how much healthier I felt within just a few days. Of course Lent has finished and I thought I could control it but I can’t so am giving it up completely… Love your letter, great fun to read but also addresses an important issue.


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