Day 13: Finding My Way

My vision board began to take root. Every January or by the very latest mid February, I go through the exercise of writing down my goals for the coming year. In creating my blueprint for the next 12 months, I look back on last year’s goals as my barometer. I am absolutely amazed by how many check marks I am able to tick off as I realize I’ve accomplished the majority of my goals. Who knew? I guess there is something to be said about giving a voice to your hopes and dreams hence the genesis of my vision board. With renewed determination I jot down not only what I think I can attain but I rack my brain for reach goals. If money was no object and I was footloose and fancy free what would I want to accomplish, where do I want to be?

My bed is my sanctuary. It is my place of comfort, serenity, and solace. It is my place to just be and to think. In my space I do all of the things the experts warn you not to do such as work, watch television, play solitaire on my IPad and just mull over world events. I am almost certain that the television’s blue light interrupts my circadian rhythms nightly yet its white noise is a welcomed and non-obtrusive friend. This year I’m at a crossroads. Being on the precipice of a significant life change, my inner voice is encouraging me to take a leap of faith. My gut is another matter. As the enzymatic juices begin to flow burning the lining of my stomach, my inner voice chimes in raising her decibels loud enough to drown out the churning deep inside my gut.

I’ve always fancied myself a writer. Throughout both my career and personal life I was known for my red pen, in other words, I was the one who understood the language, sequence and cadence of words. I’ve dabbled with short stories, planted the seeds of a novel in my head, and co-wrote and sold a bi-lingual children’s’ book to General Foods. Now, at this stage of my life where do I see myself in the next couple of years?

Taking a leap of faith in order to pursue your dream can be debilitating if you let it especially when your efforts invite others to not only read your work but comment on its content. I often marvel at actors or authors who show such resilience in spite of scathing reviews by critics. If given the opportunity could I withstand such scrutiny? As I continue to mull these thoughts over in my mind, as if in a trance, I ease over to the stack of magazines collecting in the corner waiting to be donated to the local lending library. I’ve always had an affinity to the written word so the thought of throwing away magazines, books, or the like escapes me. I begin to flip through the pages looking for inspiration for my vision board. I cut out a picture of Oprah because my work will be selected for her Book Club. I look for the words “Two Girls from the Projects and How They Got Here” because that’s the title of the novel swirling around in my head. I then reach for my International Living Magazine and look for destinations in the south of Spain…..that’s where I’d like to spend the winter months. By the time I look up several hours have passed. I have a stockpile of inspiration at my fingertips. I begin looking for the poster board I’d put away the last time we did a science project. As I begin to apply glue to the first entrée of my vision board I feel a renewed sense of hope, optimism and purpose. Opening myself up to the universe is not without risks but without taking that leap of faith the alternative is unfathomable.

4 thoughts on “Day 13: Finding My Way

  1. This is a very well written and true piece about reaching for your dreams. Not knowing where your dreams will take you means following them has risks. Dreams are worth following though.


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