Day 12: You Talking to Me??

Volunteering to help the board of the Golf Association was nothing new. Giving back was something I believe in although who has the time? Being part of an all-volunteer women’s golf club for the past 5 years has its rewards but now the proverbial noose was tightening. Last year, because I wanted to be politically correct, I did volunteer to help the communications committee. When needed, I would man the registration desk, help set up events, proof read communications, greet new members and do whatever else I could to assist. Toward the end of the season, the President of the League asked me if I would consider running for the board. As visible beads of sweat permeated my pores and overflowed onto my freshly laundered shirt, I began to frantically think of excuses and ways to decline her request to consider a board position.

“I am much too busy to run for the board, my job is very time consuming and if I can’t give it my all I would feel terrible.” I protested.

Without a blink she said, “EVERYONE is busy, you will have plenty of support. Please think about it.”

“I will.” I said without much conviction.

As fall rolled into winter and winter gave way to spring, the leagues’ activities began to unfold. As I opened my e-mail, I quickly gazed at the now familiar e-mail address of the league’s president.

“What now?????” I thought. “How am I going to get out of this? Maybe I can volunteer for something, anything, just not the whole enchilada. If I take on one more thing I will self-destruct. I am already on overload. It is toooooo much! BUT I bet that’s what everyone says. How selfish!”

My inner voice never gives me a break. I gingerly clicked onto her e-mail fearing the worst but hoping for the best. I know me and at the final hour I will give in even though I have too much on my plate especially if I feel that it’s the right thing to do.

The president’s e-mail was short and to the point.

“Hope you had a wonderful winter and are as excited as I am as we gear up for the new golf season. Hoping you will be able to assist the Registration Chairperson as we plan the Tee off Celebration and Party.”

I breathed a tremendous sigh of relief. Somehow, my subliminal or maybe not so subliminal message crossed the airwaves and reached its target.

I happily replied “Count me in!”

Being second banana was just what I hoped for. After all there’s always next year!


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