Day 18: Ms. Pauley and Me

Ms. Pauley was about 100 years old. I imagined how beautiful she must have been when she was a girl ‘cause for an old person she had the kindest face and her brown eyes crinkled when she talked. If she ever needed any help, carrying her groceries or needing something from the store, I would always offer to help her, for free. She would rummage through her black shiny pocketbook looking for money to give me, but I would always tell her No. Although I could’ve used the money, Mama also told me I should be a blessing to one person a day, and my person to bless was Ms. Pauley.

I heard Ms. Pauley had a bunch of kids who were all grown up and moved away. Couldn’t tell by me how many kids she had cause I never so nobody visiting her. Mama always ‘vited Ms. Pauley to spend Christmas with us ‘specially since Mr. Pauley got sick and died. Ms. Pauley always said no ‘cause she was expecting one of her children to come home. Mama knew that Ms. Pauley was lying cause no one ever came.

Whose black car is that? I thought. The car was big and shiny and resembled cop cars on TV. Law and Order was one of my favorite shows until they got rid of Elliot, it’s not the same.

I wonder whose apartment they’re going to. It better not be mine. My mama would be scared to death if those men knocked on our door. Whoa, that nasty landlord is waving them in. What’s he up to?
Sneaking up the front steps, hoping to see where the three men were going, I peered through the glass paned panel but it was too dirty to see much.

As the door flung wide open, I couldn’t stop looking at Ms. Pauley’s tear stained face. It seemed 5 times its size. I tried to look away but I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her lips looked like she needed some air ‘cause they sure looked blue.

I wanted to run up and save her but I didn’t know what the matter was or what to do. Maybe Ms. Pauley was finally getting someone to visit her but that’s not right, she don’t look good. If someone good was visiting she’d be happy and that surely ain’t the case.

I better call Mama; she’ll know what to do. As I passed the three of them on the front steps, I ran as fast as I could to get Mama. Mama was in the middle of a sink full of dirty dishes, soap suds flying faster than her hands could work. I quickly told Mama what was happening on the stoop and as fast as a thunderbolt, Mama was out the front door.

I don’t know what happened next but all of a sudden, Ms. Pauley was sitting on my living room couch. The tears on her face had dried and all that was left were white streaks where the tears had been. Mama brought Ms. Pauley some tea and my favorite cookies but that was ok. I was glad Ms. Pauley had my favorite cookies to make her feel better. Mama always made me feel better and I know she is going to figure it out for Ms. Pauley too.

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