Day 17: The Night Crawler

Fear rears its ugly head in forms that are often unrecognizable by those who give it permission to rent space in their heads. Fear can manifest itself by the refusal to attend a party, apply for a job, or take that entrance exam for the graduate program you’ve always wanted to attend. Fear can manifest itself as loneliness, afraid to venture out, skittish about joining the tennis league because your game isn’t up to snuff and turning down that promotion because of the fear of failure.

Fear can manifest itself as rage. Raging at the driver who cuts you off; raging at the immigrant whose job you coveted and blamed for your unemployment. Fear is often the root of depression which some say is anger turned inward. The sense of foreboding, pain and impending doom that accompanies depression is embedded within fear. Of all of the myriad emotions too numerous to count, the omnipotent debilitating forces of fear are ever present. Fear is the thief that crawls on the underbelly of life, robbing and stealing all in its wake of their joy, happiness and peace.

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