The Baguette That Got Away

LOL! I had a similar experience on the boardwalk in Long Beach, NY. It must have been Fred’s aggressive cousin and instead of a baguette, it was a muffin. Fred’s cousin circled his prey like a Kamikaze pilot. Stunned and frightened I threw the muffin on the beach and took off like a bat out of hell, leaving Fred’s cousin happily munching on his new found ill gotten gains. Thanks for reviving that hilarious memory.

Crohn's & the Real Girl

I have a complicated relationship with baguettes.

When I was 16, I won this scholarship to study in Paris for a month. Naturally, my diet for the entirety of my stay largely consisted of whole baguettes eaten in one sitting and what can only be described as jugs of Orangina.

Get in me, you sweet crunchy pieces of heaven. (Photo credit: Julie Kertesz Get in me, you sweet crunchy pieces of heaven. (Photo credit: Julie Kertesz

It was a magical time. I gained two pants sizes. I finally got boobs. Life was good.

When I came home, my almost-daily baguette consumption continued. Crunchy, soft, warm, and sweet. I couldn’t get enough. My interest in other kinds of bread had been left behind in Paris with my too-small pants and my training bra.

Now, let’s jump ahead a few years on the Real Girl Timeline to 2012. I was in Los Angeles for my first ever Bruce Springsteen concert. Another magical time. (Except…

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