Knowing that it was “spring ahead” time in a few weeks began a slow, creeping adrenaline rush that radiated from the core of my being. Having spent the winter months of January and February in sunny Florida renewed my spirit and lulled me into a false sense of summer. Returning to New York, at the beginning of March, felt like I dodged the winter bullet, but as is often the case, Mother Nature has her own ideas.

The basking heat of the Florida sun feeds my soul. The blue skies and balmy weather comforts  me like a newborn swaddled in a freshly laundered receiving blanket, all cuddly, safe and warm. This first winter in Florida was a gift, physically and spiritually, wrapped in the prettiest paper and tied with the most magnificent bow.

As the blizzard warnings continue to stream across the television screen, my disbelief at this new winter storm heightens.  Florida seems like a distant dream almost too long ago to remember. My thoughts return to the weeks gone by when my golf clubs were my trusty companions. Every morning the warm temperatures cajoled me, regardless of my mood, to get up, greet the day, and drive the 30 minutes to the most infectious, loving and encouraging Zumba class ever. From the very first day, the girls at X-Treme Gym in Kissimmee, welcomed me as their own.

Trekking all over the east coast of Florida with my niece and closest friends was an unexpected surprise. Checking out several 55 and over communities, each one more inviting than the other, gave me much pause for thought. So much to do, so many new people to meet, so many new activities to learn; Pickleball????? What the heck is that?

As I hunker down for the next great blizzard of 2017, I think of all of the activities I would be doing IF I was still in Florida. Unfortunately this is not the case! As I stock up on last-minute items in preparation of the impending blizzard I promise myself that this will be my last snowstorm.  Turning dreams into realities are not easy. Planning, perseverance, determination, fear of the unknown, family, friends, circumstances, all come into play. Overcoming your own resistance can be daunting. Sharing my dreams with the universe is the first step in the plan. Now that I’ve done that and put my plans out there, let’s see what happens.

But in the meantime: Happy shoveling!

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