Oh Brother! That is Sooooo Annoying!!

dreamstime_xl_47609767No more politics, at least not for the moment, my blood pressure needs a rest! Politics aside, if I’m being honest, there are still quite a few things that get under my skin.

Top Pet Peeves, and by the way this is not an all-inclusive list!!

  1. Commercials for Pay Day Loans: If your finances are so bad that you need a pay-day loan how in the blazes are you going to pay it back?????? Ridiculous!!
  2. However well-intentioned, people who leave infant children wrapped in the paws of their pets without realizing that any sudden movements could prove dangerous. Even the BEST pets will respond innately. An OOPs can be catastrophic and whose fault would it be? Certainly NOT the pets!!
  3. People who don’t pull their own weight and expect others to do all of the heavy lifting!!
  4. Thoughtlessness (enough said!)
  5. Actors, hawking the benefits of “reverse mortgages” while they sit in their comfortable homes preying on the vulnerabilities of senior citizens. After all banks need all of the help they can get!
  6. Cruelty in any form.
  7. People who are judgmental and opinionated YET never provide any viable solutions.
  8. Those of us who knowingly jeopardize our health without seeking help for those addictive behaviors (food, drink, substance abuse etc.)
  9. Betrayal, especially from my scale!
  10. Not being heard.
  11. Law firm advertisements featuring able-bodied actors (subliminal message here?) promising get rich payouts if you’d only sue!! Real world anyone????
  12. Public restroom stalls where the door swings inward causing you to have to back up against the toilet in order to get out. How disgusting!!!!!!!!! Who designed that anyway????

I could easily add a few more to my list but I’m sure I don’t have a monopoly on pet peeves. If you have annoyances, situations, irritations or anything else that you would like to share please do. I’d love to hear from you.





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