No Pseudo For You!

You are always “right on!” Initially, I thought you were making an argument for stricter gun control. The computer could be programmed to make the same “whirring” noise if any of the parameters have not been met and network with local, state, and federal law enforcement to close any loopholes that seem to exist today, hello, domestic abusers, dishonorably discharged from the armed services!!
It shouldn’t be this hard but then again, money talks and nobody walks.


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So I made my usual trip to the pharmacy to purchase my allotment of Claritin-D which is regulated by the Federal government because it contains Pseudophedrine, a substance that can be used to make Crystal-Meth, and when I produced my driver’s license (necessary according to Federal law) and it was scanned into the pharmacy’s computer, the computer responded with a funny noise and…

No Pseudo for me!

Now I don’t make Crystal-Meth, and I don’t want to…but I do have allergies and Claritin-D helps a lot but the machine hath spoken… said the clerk, and I was denied my medication. She didn’t know why the machine made a funny noise and when she called over the pharmacist he didn’t know either. And don’t look at me because I didn’t have a clue, except for the fact that my wife might have taken one or two of my pills during the…

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One thought on “No Pseudo For You!

  1. Thanks! Initially I was thinking about guns but thought I’d just stick with drugs so as to avoid the usual 2nd Amendment complaints…but you are right. This technology can be used for so many checks and balances. Our licenses and license plates already offer the police all of our information. Cars and pseudophed seem to be all we care about regulating.


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