Death By Chocolate!

What better way to cap off two hours of intense Pickleball playing than to saddle up to the local diner for delicious mouth watering ice-cream; throw in a side of crispy French Fries and all is right with the world. Between playing Pickleball and inhaling the ice-cream desserts the endorphin rush was amazing.

But today’s reckoning was another matter! Stepping on the scale was sobering. Moving it inch by inch across the bathroom floor as I stepped on and off of it in the hope of obtaining a more favorable number was fruitless. In my delusion, I had plenty of good, sound, and compelling rationales for my sweet tooth indulgence. “I deserve it!” “It’s not that bad”, “In two days I played 4 hours of Pickleball and 2 hours of golf, and I pulled my golf cart the entire 9 holes for goodness sakes!!!” But, as hard as it is to admit, the moment of truth is like an itch you can’t scratch.

No matter how much we rationalize that exercise, in whatever form, gives us the license to indulge in our favorite treats, we are only fooling ourselves. Exercise IS great for our cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and overall good feelings, but as far as weight loss goes it’s no bueno. Exercise by itself contributes very little to weight loss; successful exercisers limit their calorie intake and/or increase their consumption of proteins while limiting carbohydrates. Whatever food plan they follow they are very cognizant of their food consumption. Processed foods filled with empty calories are verboten. Another factor most of us baby boomers are all too painfully aware of is the impact of our slowing metabolism which is a result of the aging process. The frustration intensifies, for many of us, as the number on the scale appears velcroed in place or, at the very least, seems to climb incrementally in the wrong direction. As hard as it is to accept, the scale does not lie.

Over the years I’ve tried various diets too numerous to count. Weight
Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, South Beach, The Scarsdale Diet, Jorge Cruise, just to name a few. There is an infallible truth about every single diet, THEY ALL WORK. I’ve been chasing the same 20 pounds over the past 30 years. The pattern is the same. Looking for a magic bullet, I embrace the diet of the month gung ho. Between the diet of the month and my exercise regime, the pounds begin to melt. I even get down to my goal weight vowing NEVER to gain back the hard won pounds. To further my resolve I give myself a 5 pound safety net. If the weight starts to creep back up, once I hit that 5 pound mark, I will immediately go full throttle back onto my “program”. Three pounds,then four pounds unceremoniously attach to my body. It’s as if I am in a fugue state, mindlessly eating as I ignore the tire around my waist. The next thing that makes its way into my consciousness as I step on the scale is the HUGE number glaring back at me.

Tomorrow is another day. I recommit to getting this weight thing under control. Vanity does play a small role in my desire to return to my optimal weight but my real motivation has more to do with being in a state of optimal health. Medical literature is ripe with well documented research that shows a direct correlation between obesity, a BMI 30 or above, and diseases such as Diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and asthma just to name a few. Prevention is not only more cost effective than treatment but more importantly once the die is cast it’s much more difficult to unring the bell once the disease process has begun.

I vow to take it one meal at a time. Success breeds success. I am committed to to creating an environment that breeds peace, kindness and self love. Negative self talk is banished. Baby steps, one foot at a time.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or success stories that can benefit us all please leave your comments in the comment section below. As far as my progress, I’ll keep you posted.

All the best!

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