June, The Month of New Beginnings

I love June. June is the month of my birth, so perhaps that’s the reason……. but since I’m not a big birthday person, I’m sure that’s not it.

As a kid, June signified the end of the school year, the beginning of the carefree days of summer, Johnnie, the ice-cream man, Manhattan Beach, and hours upon hours of outdoor play. As the years went by and adulthood reared its head, my love of summer remained unchanged. Family vacations, a moratorium from kid’s homework and of course, ice-cream, still taking center stage.

June is the time of new beginnings. Flowers and trees have recovered from their winter slumber and are in full bloom, weather, for the most part is at its optimal best, especially for heat seekers like myself, and thankfully, members of the LGBTQ community are finally recognized and celebrated for being their authentic selves.

June is the month that cities upon cities throughout the world celebrate the uniqueness of our LGBTQ families. The ability to “come out” without shame, guilt or fear of exclusion is a relatively recent phenomenon. It was only 22 years ago that Ellen’s “coming out” was seen as a death knell to her career and now in all 50 states, same sex marriages are legal. My how far we’ve come!

The older I get, the more tenacious I am about celebrating life. Family and friends are more precious to me than ever. Surrounding myself with positive, uplifting and non toxic people is a requirement as I have no time or patience for anyone or anything that interrupts my sense of well-being and that, my friends, is a prescription we all should follow.

With that in mind, as June is appropriately dedicated to our LGBTQ communities, it is with great respect, admiration and pride I salute you and celebrate the authenticity of your lives!

Please join in the celebration!!

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