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Viva Las Vegas: Happy Anniversary

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate a momentous occasion, our 44th anniversary. Now let me preface this by saying, that being married to the same person for 44 years for most of us seems like an oxymoron. In Vegas, whenever we were asked, what occasion were we … Continue reading

What a Difference a Day Makes

Almost a year ago to the day I was writhing around in pain, rocking on all fours, and praying for death. At that moment, death seemed like the only conceivable exit from the intractable pain I was embroiled in. Just to give you an idea of how intense the pain was; giving birth while on … Continue reading

Do It Afraid!

Have you ever found yourself stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place? You are eager to step out in faith and confident that you are ready to embark on this wonderful next chapter of your life. Feeding a creative impulse or stoking that internal fire that is propelling you towards running that 5K race, journeying to an … Continue reading