Do It Afraid!


Have you ever found yourself stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place? You are eager to step out in faith and confident that you are ready to embark on this wonderful next chapter of your life. Feeding a creative impulse or stoking that internal fire that is propelling you towards running that 5K race, journeying to an Ashram or other endeavor can be daunting, especially if you find yourself on this path alone.

This weekend is the NYC 2015 Blogher Convention. On an impulse I registered for this event. I am new to blogging but not new to writing. I’ve been a writer, editor, and consummate red pen aficionado for as long as I can reminder. For the past year, I’ve intensified my passion and commitment to writing by blogging. I am amazed by the outpouring of words, memories and ideas that continue to percolate just below the surface. Childhood memories deeply buried in the recesses of my mind have come to light and I am so grateful. I’ve been able to share so many of my childhood experiences with my children and extended family and they’ve reveled with delight by their ability to witness my early years, parents and friends through my eyes. What an unforeseen benefit and blessing of blogging.

I have great expectations by attending this new vista of possibilities this weekend. The agenda is chock full of amazing speakers, gifted bloggers, sponsors from every genre, and a diverse group of attendees. The road map to success is there. The thought of meeting new and experienced bloggers is both exciting and stimulating. I feel as if I am on the precipice of a new and exciting adventure, an adventure I can’t wait to embrace. Wish me luck. I’ll let you know what happens.

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