Day 2: A Room With A View

Creating my vision board is a labor of love. Loving myself is a relatively new phenomenon because as I grew up, like most of my generation, feeling that self-love was considered selfish and not an enviable trait. As I began navigating Pinterest in search of scenarios that would mirror my intentions I realized how “social media” stunted I was. With each click of the mouse I can feel my excitement rising as the oxygen rich corpuscles course through my veins. I’ve always known travel was in my blood so what better place to start my vision board than in Italy.

With each Pinterest picture I click on the shimmering golden streets and crimson sun drenched canals of Venice leap up to greet me. As the blue green waters cascade against centuries old buildings my imagination takes me back to another time and place. Roman gladiators, in starched white billowing robes wax and wane in the cool dusk of the evening commanding attention with every step. With the next click of my mouse I was transported to a small café in Murano Italy. The grey, black and silver cobblestone streets are draped by the red and yellow striped canopied awnings that provide much needed shade for hungry tourists taking an afternoon respite from the toils of sightseeing. The thick aroma of the midnight black expresso is welcomed by my olfactory senses as they dance in anticipation of the smooth viscous aromatic liquid gold. How satisfying and spectacular!

My next stop on my vision board journey is to find that perfect house. As I pinned and discarded and pinned again, I finally hit pay dirt. My Tuscan Villa leaped off of the page to greet me. Each window and balcony is enveloped by the most brilliant kaleidoscope of burgeoning flowers that hug the oatmeal colored stone of the home’s façade. The inner courtyard consists of stone and stucco walls dating back to the turn of the century. The comfortable pillowed magenta couches are strategically placed so that my eyes dance in delight as I look out at the expansive rolling green lawn that appears infinite. In my mind’s eye I can see my children and their children frolicking in the warm sunlight with boundless energy and love of life. As I continue to build my vision board, I decided that I will take a cue from one of the guests on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. When my vision board is complete, I am going to make my vision board the screensaver on my computer so that every day I am going to surround myself with unlimited possibilities and wonder of things to come.


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