Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice

Amazing Grace, how clear the sound that saves a wretch like me. It is not only the music that warms my heart but the words absolutely ring true and provide a safe place to fall. I want to immediately edit my sentences. I want to second guess my thoughts. Writing for 15 minutes without crossing out, editing or changing my mind is not an easy feat but I will try. My favorite rendition of Amazing Grace is by Al Green. His soulful exhurberance along with his three background singers, singing the second verse brings me back to the church of my childhood where I would be mesmerized by Rev Hatchett as he played so eloquently on the organ. His hands skillfully danced across the keyboards while I as an under 10 year old girl fantasized that someday I would play the organ just like him. Unfortunately that day never came although I have taken stabs at learning how to play the piano, if you call what I do as playing the piano! My mind just went blank, ok I will reel it back in. Think of another song! What song do I like, hmmmm Tupac’s ode to his mother. No one who knows me would ever associate me with Rap Music. I generally hate rap. I wouldn’t and don’t consider rap music. Rap and music, in my opinion is an oxymoronic comparison. I wouldn’t put both genres in the same sentence or same airspace HOWEVER Tupac’s ode to his mother stirs something up in me. The genuine love he expresses for her is heartfelt. The sacrifices she made for her children are undeniable. Some of the bad choices she’s made, he acknowledges , understands and forgives. Most children love their parents unconditionally and yet someone who’s made bad choices, I’m stuck for words right now and I have the urge to cross out, change and start this sentence over but I will stay true to the assignment. Back to my thought, most children love their children unconditionally but when you think of someone who has taken the road that Tupac has you don’t think of him in that light. Thug, gangster, pot smoker, jailbird are some of the negative adjectives that come to mind. Genius, talent, handsome, actor are more, I’m stuck again, wait, adjectives that I can use to describe him. The ode to his mother is a testament to his caring, loving and nurturing side aptly demonstrating that we are all the sum total of all of our multi-faceted parts.

Fifteen minutes is a long time especially when you are aware of every beating minute. I think I lost track of the time. What time did I start, I think I have two more minutes to go. If I am cheating the clock it is not my intention. My thoughts are free flowing. I am letting my mind wander wherever it wants to go. What song can I bring up from my consciousness, Saturday Night Fever, where did that come from?????? The 70s, that was a wonderful time in my life; getting married, having two of my three children, buying our house. It was the best of times. I can’t remember the name of that particular song in the soundtrack that I can hear in my mind, I think it’s called How Deep is Your Life. I just remember Jon Travolta dancing on the dance floor in full synchronicity with his partner. How fluid they were, how effortless their performance was. How envious I was because I did not know how to do the hustle. Maybe I still have time to learn, but do I have the patience. I think my 14 minutes are up. I think I went beyond the 15 minutes. I forgot what time I started. Oh well, I guess I enjoyed this free flowing exercise. Tomorrow’ another day.

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