The BI Girls Together Again!

As my plane circled JFK airport, my feel good endorphins could not be contained. This feeling evoked by spending 6 days with women I’ve known for over 48 years was beyond words. Describing them as friends is an understatement. The word friend, although in certain respects is an apt description, falls increasingly short in describing the totality and longevity of our bond.

How do you describe more than 4 decades of intertwining relationships among women? We’ve struggled, overcome and triumphed through many of the intricacies of life, careers, births, illnesses, deaths, job losses, and retirement together. Separated by time and distance, being there for each other is never easy. Within the group are subgroups who provide the tactile day to day or week to week sustenance until the rest of the group rallies in support. When circumstances of life dictates, the humming sound of our beating wings is audible as we encircle the camp of whomever is in need of our protection, love and assistance. Geography knows no bounds. This sisterhood does travel!!

The uniqueness and sustainability of this group is no easy feat, after all without effort, circumstances and life, can get in the way. It takes work and commitment to keep any relationships current, especially relationships whose genesis is almost 50 years in the making!

Many years ago, our group of lifelong friends made an unspoken pact to remain current. Every year of two, we plan a girls extended weekend trip and this doesn’t preclude a spontaneous ad hoc get together. We’ve gone to Las Vegas, Nevada, Richmond, Virginia, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Hilton Head, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, Jamaica, West Indies, and a cruise to No Where sailing from NYC, just to name a few of our fabulous getaways. Over the years, the group’s numbers wax and wane according to life’s circumstances but the spirit and intent of the group always remains intact.

As we embrace our 6th decade of life, the belly laughs have become more raucous and the tears more complex as we embrace the absurdities, commonalities and yes disappointments life brings..No topic is off limits! We discuss possible group rates for liposuction or Botox, on-line dating, every diet fad known to man, and the pros and cons of playing Mah Jong, knitting, Gin Rummy and book clubs!

As our extended weekend drew to a close the reality of returning to our lives was bittersweet. Bitter because we were going to miss those late night card games, the seemingly unlimited bags of Cheetos, ice-cream, bakery cookies and of course our endless conversations. The sweet was knowing that we were returning to our wonderful lives, families and friends secure in the knowledge that before too long we would find a reason to get together again!





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