Billy Bush, You’re Fired???

dreamstime_m_30011927Let me be the first to say, unequivocally, that I am not a Donald Trump supporter, for reasons all too numerous to recount. That being said, I find myself in the most unusual position of expressing compassion and, yes, some understanding of the behavior displayed by Billy Bush.

Although Billy Bush’s conduct is culpable, I feel his pain. As a seasoned sales professional, part of my sales process was to build relationships and develop rapport with my customers, no matter what my personal feelings were.

Billy Bush’s goal was the same; he wanted to build rapport with “The Donald” as he attempted to get the story.

That being said, as a seasoned anchor, Billy should have tactfully changed the subject by encouraging “The Donald” to focus on what he knows best….HIMSELF. ¬†Billy could have and should have refocused Donald’s rhetoric to include questions such as “Donald your hair looks absolutely MAHVALOUS…..have you changed stylists? OR “Donald, you look as though you’ve lost weight and are working out…..Can you share your new fitness regimen, everyone is dying to know??” “That suit is stunning, who is your tailor?????”

By refocusing Donald’s attention, Billy Bush would now be lauded for his successful handling of the story instead of seeping in criticism for his role in such a shameful chain of events.

Misguided, enraptured, foolhardy, learning experience can all apply to Billy Bush. Suspension, definitely well deserved, fired, not so sure.


Please note: It’s important to get out to vote for the candidate of your choice! If you have not registered to vote it’s not too late!!.



4 thoughts on “Billy Bush, You’re Fired???

  1. I agree “Billy, You’re Fired”. I am also a seasoned sales professional and have been in difficult customer situations where I have had to divert the conversation. 10 years ago Billy may not have had the skill set to manage the situation. However, there is also a rule I live by; “What You Permit You Promote”. It is time will all stop being silent when we hear or see behaviors we know are wrong!

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