Do It Afraid!!??

Three times and in as many weeks, I’ve been jolted into consciousness by a palpable presence. Initially I felt a rustling under my bed; I thought my son’s dog was the culprit. I jumped out of bed, feverishly scanning the room to no avail. I must be losing it!

In the same span of time, dreams invaded my sleep, two worlds colliding as the past and present vie for dominance. In the early wakeful moments when dawn and my eyelids are at odds with one another, I slowly awaken fighting to hold onto the last remnants of my dreams and desperately trying to make sense of their meaning. I’m often at a loss.

Hmmmmmm, what is my psyche trying to tell me? What’s the meaning of all this?

I finally think I’ve got it as I try to put a voice to this ethereal state of being.

In the last few months I’ve started a new on-line business in addition to writing my blog; I want to move to Florida and at some point have to draw a line in the sand, I have two grandchildren who weigh heavily in the Florida decision making process and yes, I know, Florida is only 2 plus hours away by air. My concern is that I have a nice life, do I need to complicate things by venturing into the unknown?

Answering that question with a resounding yes, is not difficult. Whatever “thing” that is part of my DNA propels me forward. Although I don’t always understand why, living a status quo life does not seem to be an option, I still wrestle with it.

What I do know, and it is quite liberating is the fact that whatever path I take, it is my path, my dreams, my reality. Thankfully I can venture forth with my own timeline, my own playbook, my own goals and yes my own dreams. The quote by RJ Smith says it all: “nothing beats failure but a try.”

What do you think? Have you ever let fear or anxiety stop you from achieving your best life? Are you willing to “do it afraid?” Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear how and when you’ve overcame anxiety and “did it afraid”.

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