The Choice

As I sit in the cancer treatment cubicle with my friend, I watch in earnest as the nurse prepares the lifesaving infusion that will hopefully eradicate any and all vestiges of the cancer that threatens her very being.

Cancer is an ominous and unwelcomed invader lurking somewhere in dna, seeking to grab hold and destroy any opportunistic cell or organ. Once it infiltrates it’s host it engages in mortal combat with a “winner take all” mentality. The host doesn’t give up easily as it mobilizes both the white cell and lymphatic armies to do battle with this formidable opponent. The balance of power ebbs and flows until a victor is finally realized.

Strength comes in all forms. During our darkest hours and in the midst of our storms an inner strength and resolve comes from somewhere. I’m amazed and humbled witnessing the Herculean strength of ordinary people exhibiting extraordinary courage and resilience.

In awe I watch my friend’s positive demeanor never waiver as she goes through the needle sticks and blood draws that have become part of her weekly ritual.

Scanning the treatment area, I could not help but notice the dozen or so patients undergoing a similar fate. Bravely they accept all of the invasive poking and prodding that comes with the territory. The nurses and patient care associates have become their family. The stories and light banter they share week to week brings them closer together. Their unpenetrable bond of caring, respect and support is unwavering.

Depending on the stages of their cancer, the treatment for some of the patients is lifelong as an endpoint, at this point in time, is not in the cards.

What this experience continues to show me is how we live our lives is a choice. Although we can’t control many of the hands we are dealt with in life, what we can control is our attitude toward whatever obstacles we face. Choosing to remain positive is a choice albeit not always an easy one. Pushing through the pain or discomfort may be daunting but rest assured it will surely get you to the other side of the situation.

Surrounding yourself with positive people and loved ones is the first step. Finding a support group with people who have and/or are experiencing your pain is essential. Taking this journey alone is unfathomable. Taking that first step and asking for what you need is crucial.

Have you been impacted by an illness or situation that has rendered you helpless or in need of support?

Please let us know in the comment section just how and/or when you’ve overcome your particular situation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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