Secrets to an Active Boomer Lifestyle

Let me start out by saying, I come from a line of non traditional grandmothers. My grandmother, who was 89 when she passed away, was a fiercely independent woman who worked most of her adult life. During the depression and beyond she raised three children, one of whom was my mother, and was responsible for the care and sustenance of her mother while working a full-time job.

Her no nonsense, non demonstrative, way of being often left me longing for a warm cuddly “Bubbe”, a name many of my Jewish friends reserved for their grandmothers.

From an early age, my grandmother’s travel adventures filled me with awe and wonder as well as a penchant for doing the same. In retrospect, when I look back on her life, now that I have experience and some wisdom behind me, I am struck by how truly successful and trailblazing she was. I wish I could tell her just how much I love and admire her.

My mother was also a grandmother like no other. Her love and undying loyalty and spirit for her family, especially her grandchildren was second to none. She also inherited the love of travel which took her to Alaska, Europe, Hawaii, the Panama Canal, many cities across the United States and the Carribbean at a time most “seniors” were winding down.

My mother was the president of her Manhattan co-op as well as held various positions on the board of directors. Her care and compassion for the residents of her co-op are legendary. In her late seventies, during many of our family trips to Disney, I was the pocketbook holder while my mother embraced Space Mountain with her grandchildren. Nothing deterred her indomitable spirit. There’s not a day that goes by that “Gram” is not missed, thought about and loved by her children and grandchildren; she was that special.

Now it’s my turn as grandma. When I think about my grandchildren’s perception of me I begin to laugh, a “Bubbe” I am not, although the mushy part of that equation I have to own.

From the moment I saw my two beautiful baby boys, sixteen years apart, I was enthralled and captivated. There is no love like the love of a grandmother. You’ve earned the right to love them unconditionally and completely and of course to buy them “stuff”.

Baby Boomer grandparents are often thought of as belonging to the “active” senior set. Boomers engage in a multitude of sports and activities including tennis, pickleball, golf, running, mud runs, scuba diving and activities all too numerous to count.

The lure and attraction of the 55 and over communities feeds the fire and fuels the passions for today’s boomers. Complacency and stillness are the antithesis of the baby boomer generation.

The secret to having an active lifestyle is simple, just MOVE!

If you consider yourself a couch potato start taking baby steps a few minutes a day. Think about the sports and activities you enjoyed in your younger years even if you think you’re past your prime.

I recently visited a very popular 55 and over community in Florida and I promise you there was a club or group for any and every activity or sport you could possibly imagine. In my own Long Island town, the possibilities are endless. Your town’s adult education program is a good resource and starting point.

It’s never too late to fuel your passions. If you are seeking to learn a new sport or activity or are happily engaged in an activity that you enjoy, please tell us about it in the comment section below: we’d love to hear from you.

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