Grandchildren…… Our Most Precious Gift

Becoming a grandmother is indescribable. It’s a gift like no other. From the moment you lay eyes on your precious grandchild, you are absolutely smitten. The love you feel for your own child was the first time you truly understood how love for another human being knows no bounds. A mother’s love is so deep, so complete, so all encompassing, it can’t be described….. it’s beyond words. The adage, a mother is as happy as her least happy child says it all.

When your first grandchild is born, it’s as if the brightest sunshine and bluest sky illuminates and envelopes the entire family with love. As you take your grandchild into your arms for the very first time, your heart melts and your life is forever changed.

My oldest grandchild is now 18 years old, my youngest, two months with one in between. As I watch my oldest approach manhood, I worry and pray for him, because this world is not easy, not safe, not easy to navigate. I wish I could throw a safety net around him or better yet be an invisible voice in his ear guiding him along his journey, but……. I know that’s not possible. For my youngest two, my hope and prayers for them is for the world to become a kinder, gentler place, a world in which they can feel safe at church, school, the movies, or any other venue they choose to go.

We are living in a world where the kindness and goodness of mankind appears diminished or almost non-existent BUT we have to focus on the everyday random acts of kindness we do encounter, the love and support of our friends, loved ones, co-workers, even acquaintances. Our grandchildren deserve to grow up in a safe, happy, carefree world; we must do everything in our collective power to ensure that they do.

How can we make a difference? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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