Thank Heaven!: One Vegetarian’s Quest for some Good Fast Food

St. Petersburg, Russia – November 29, 2017: Staff of 500th Burger King restaurant in Russia in the service area in the day of opening. First Burger King restaurant opened in Russia in 2010

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I just couldn’t contain myself but then….. I felt absolutely silly for being so excited when Burger King announcing the arrival of the Impossible Whopper. I’ve known about the Impossible Burger for the past few years but never had the opportunity to try one. I’ve heard all of the hoopla about its 100% “meat” like taste, many swearing there was virtually no difference between “it” and the real thing. Now, I’m never been a burger connoisseur but I do like “veggie” burgers especially when they are “dressed” like an honest to goodness burger.

I was like a woman possessed, in search of a Burger King. Having not eaten meat in over 3 decades, Burger King was not on my typical route so as usual, GPS came to the rescue.

Having had horrific experiences ordering vegetarian food from restaurants that do not typically offer up vegetarian fare, a thought occurred to me. “How are they going to cook this new Impossible Whopper? Visions of the Impossible Burger swimming in a sea of meat grease immediately conjured up thoughts of past spontaneous regurgitations as meat grease hit my veggie stomach. Hmmmmmmm. As I approached the counter, I took Mr. Burger King aside and began to pummel him with questions about how the Impossible Burger was prepared.

As I started to walk away, having my initial vision of the Impossible Burger swirling in meat grease verified, he piped up with an alternative…………microwave???? I thought back to my own prowess as a microwave aficionado and agreed. Mr. Burger King was now invested in my Impossible Burger happiness. As the burger was being prepared, he kept watch, and I’m not kidding, because I had a lot of deviations from the typical Whopper’s cast of ingredients. When he handed me the takeout bag it was as if he took part in the preparation of a meal fit for a Queen, his face was beaming.

I’m sure a grilled Impossible Burger would taste slightly better than its microwaved counterpart but I have to admit, the Impossible Burger with all of its accoutrements was good, very good. When I’m on the road looking for a quick bite to eat, Burger King’s Impossible Burger is definitely a frontrunner.

I just heard Kentucky Fried Chicken has added a Vegetarian option to their menu. Wait……. hold on…….. Where’s my GPS????

If you have the opportunity to taste Burger King’s Impossible Whopper please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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