Three Ways to Ensure A Smooth Visit From Out Of Town Guests

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Since moving to Florida, I sometimes feel as if I’ve opened my own Airbnb. Every month, or at least that’s how it feels, we have company. The length of stay varies from two to five days, but at our place we’re flexible! Whenever I get the call, my answer is always the same, “That’s fine, when are you coming?” I know that sounds crazy but my response is always heartfelt.

Over the past months I’ve come to value each visit because every experience is uniquely different. Prior to our move to Florida, my husband and I had very few friends in common. My friends were my friends, as we shared similar interests and experiences, and his friends were his. Now, because of our “shared” houseguests, our visitors have morphed into “our” friends, which has turned into an unexpected bonus.

We’ve come to realize that friends are the blessings we choose for ourselves and we’ve certainly been blessed by our choices. Spending this quality time with people that you’ve known and cared about for years changes significantly when you cohabitate for an extended period of time.

Defined boundaries and their own mode of transportation, even if it’s not used, are keys to a happy visit, as no one feels tethered to one another. Having a split floorplan is also an added bonus as privacy for all concerned will definitely enhance the visit. Knowing that everyone is flexible and free to do their own thing, even if it’s just psychological, creates the opposite effect of fostering togetherness, if that makes sense. But seriously…. having the ability to run out and get that much craved for NY bagel and cream cheese is priceless!

My new life in Florida brings me more joy and happiness than I could ever dream of but little did I realize that this dream would encompass the real “kinection” of our very good friends.

I would love to hear how friends enhance your life. Please share in the comment section below.

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