Weight!! It's Not Funny!

One baby boomer’s continuous battle with the scale

Public Enemy #1

Shelter-in-house, social distancing, self isolation, imposed quarantine…….. essentially, all mean the same thing……. resisting that ever living lure of my nemesis, the refrigerator! Going to work, hanging out with friends, or simply running errands puts distance between me and my attempts to limit grazing but at least for the short term, life as we know it, has changed.

Having abandoned one of the many diet guru’s advice to continuously graze throughout the day in order to keep my metabolism firing, in favor of intermittent fasting and Keto, I wake up each day in hopeful anticipation of a loss on my state-of-the-art, measuring all fat corpuscles, WiFi enabled scale.

Since I switched to my new way of eating, I’ve been deliriously ecstatic, although my weight loss progress has been slow….. very slow……. BUT steady. The first week, one pound, followed by a half a pound the next week and then three quarters of a pound the following week, but at least every week my scale did not disappoint. For the past two years, prior to this lifestyle change, no matter what I did my body toyed with the same 2 – 3 pounds, up and down, like a roller coaster stuck in neutral with no off ramp or exit button.

Then came Keto and intermittent fasting. Sixteen pounds in four months! I hit pay dirt…… with only 14 more pounds to hit my goal. I can do this!!! I created and said several positive mantras every day, weighed myself both morning and night, followed the plan to a tee with very few, if any, cheat days and then it happened! I went crashing into the brick wall of THE PLATEAU!

Every day, since my initial 16 pound weight loss, I step on the scale, as if I’m at the Oscars, “and the winner is……..” Two months vacillating between the same 2 pounds. Each morning the audible screams can be heard from my bathroom as I step on that scale! “How can this be????” The mornings I “lose” the same 1 to 2 pounds, for whatever unknown reason, is just as perplexing as the mornings I “gain” back the same weight! I keep a journal of everything I put in my mouth, I am careful what I eat, I bake Keto desserts, I cook Keto inspired dishes, I exercise, I watch YouTube videos regarding diets and plateaus!!! So how does this scale of mine repay me??????? Every time I get within a 1/2 pound of the upper limits of my coveted target, up and away she goes, mocking and toying with me! What’s a woman of a certain age to do?

I guess there’s a significant lesson in all of this….. patience, never give up, be kind to yourself, pat yourself on the back for the success you’ve enjoyed….. I get it! But…… scale…… can you at least cooperate?

Thankfully, tomorrow’s another day….

Have you faced a similar weight loss situation? Let me know in the comment section below how you handled it? What did you do to break your plateau?

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