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Do It Afraid!!??

Three times and in as many weeks, I’ve been jolted into consciousness by a palpable presence. Initially I felt a rustling under my bed; I thought my son’s dog was the culprit. I jumped out of bed, feverishly scanning the room to no avail. I must be losing it! In the same span of time, … Continue reading

RVing The Next Chapter!

Who new National and State Parks are often bereft of full hook-ups? For people, like me, who are not in the know, “dry” camping means the lack of a continuous water hook-up. Without this continuous water-hook-up, a subscribed amount of water has to be added to an RVs fresh water tank.   Filling up the … Continue reading

Thanksgiving: A New Beginning

The dishes have all been cleared, the last of the food put away. As I reflect on the day’s events I realized that this Thanksgiving was a Thanksgiving like no other. I grew up pretty much in a silo, as we were a small family with not too many aunts, uncles, and cousins, at least … Continue reading

Train to Yesterday

Taking the LIRR into Penn Station is a normal every day occurrence for tens of thousands of Long Islanders. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say that many suburban and urban commuters utilize mass transit as their primary mode of transportation……And then….there was me! My niece and I have long embarked on … Continue reading

Another Long Island Staycation: Oheka Castle

My friends and family will tell you that I am an avid Groupon user. Groupon opens up a world of opportunities, restaurants, products and adventures at a significantly discounted price; many of which, in the course of my normal life, I would never take advantage of. I’m a big proponent of staycations, which are mini retreats that involve minimal … Continue reading

The Party

Can you imagine planning a significant life’s event, perhaps a wedding, a retirement party or maybe a milestone birthday party? You are so excited by this momentous occasion so what better way to celebrate than to surround yourself with your loving family and friends. You go all out. The perfect place, the scrumptious food, that … Continue reading

The Problem with Facebook

Facebook in particular and social media in general, if you are not careful, can become as addictive as any other habit. It starts off with a mild curiosity which over time morphs into an undeniable thirst for more stuff. By stuff I mean all sorts of information, imaginable and unimaginable, ranging from reconnecting with old friends, getting embroiled … Continue reading

Life is Good

Driving my adult son to the airport is something I like to do. For this brief interlude, it is just he and I. No cell phones, no distractions, no hidden agendas. On a good day JFK is a mere 15 minutes from home although those fifteen minutes can be indeterminately prolonged depending on the time … Continue reading

The Universe Has Its Own Ideas

Some of my most important life changing decisions occurred by happenstance, or so I’ve always believed. Catching the Second Avenue bus one balmy day after leaving high school changed the trajectory of my life one hundred and eighty degrees. A sideward glance at the bus advertisements centered on the Beth Israel School of Nursing. Hmmmmm, … Continue reading


Italy is not for the faint of heart or slight of foot. Being of a certain age, I could not help but notice the potential pitfalls as we explored the wonders of Rome. Roma, as it is commonly known, is awe inspiring. During the sweltering near record perspiration dripping July heat, the throngs of tourists intermingling with … Continue reading